Monthly archives: April, 2016

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Sedan Revealed: The Future of Eco-Friendly Mobility

With the latest green technologies on the market, the new Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Sedan recently went on display at the New York International Auto Show. This model comes with a spacious interior and sleek exterior design, all while powering itself with innovative fuel cells. This model truly is the future of mobility. What exactly…

Driving Alongside Cyclists

Driving Alongside Cyclists: Warm Weather Means More Bikes

As the weather gets warmer, you know what’s coming…cyclists! Many cities denote bike-riding areas using bike lanes; however, there are many instances where you will be sharing the road, and even the same lane, as a bicyclist. Make sure you understand the dangers and necessary precautions for driving alongside cyclists. Check your blind spot. According…

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