Monthly archives: November, 2014

Honda Fit 2015 Automobile All-Star List

Honda Fit Makes 2015 Automobile All-Star List

Hey now, the Honda Fit is an All-Star. The versatile 2015 hatchback has recently earned a spot on the prestigious 2015 All-Star list of the popular Automobile magazine. Through a combination of terrific performance, great features, and high value, the 2015 Fit has already made its mark on the car industry, and it’s only been…

Honda Civic Natural Gas

Honda Civic Natural Gas Release Date Announced

Alternative fuel vehicle have quickly become the buzz of the car industry. As more and more carmakers search for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, a variety of alternative fuel vehicles have become available. For Honda, this means offering a natural gas Civic that cuts carbon emissions significantly. Now, the Japanese carmaker has announced the…

HR-V Crossover North American Debut

Honda HR-V Crossover North American Debut

When it comes to entering the crossover segment in the car industry, variety is key. Honda understands this and has decided to introduce a brand new crossover to the North American market. The Honda HR-V crossover will be positioned just below the popular CR-V in both price and size, giving the Japanese carmaker the opportunity…

Fall Car Maintenance Tips

Fall Car Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Car For Winter

When Jack Frost comes knocking on your door every year, he doesn’t just bring snow and ice with him. The winter season is also notoriously hard on your car. Just like you prepare yourself for winter each year, gathering wool mittens and jackets like a squirrel gathers nuts, you should also make sure you are…

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