Monthly archives: July, 2012

“Through It All” with the 2012 Honda Accord

Honda takes a trip down memory lane and through a crash test dummy, IndyCar, airplane turbine and into the 2012 Honda Accord. The 2012 Honda Accord is rated Five-star safety rating in each combined category. Watch the video…

Tim’s Civic

Ra Ra Riot plays in the background as Tim Kendall takes his tickets and heads out in his all-new Honda Civic EX-L. To Each Their Own, Tim and his friends are going to see Ra Ra Riot in concert in this commercial from Honda –

Honda’s “Couch” Commercial

When the power goes out, lots of activities are eliminated. Luckily for the consumer, Honda has a generator that can back up any power outage with a number of different levels and sizes. The full line of Honda Generators is available on Honda’s website.

Honda’s ASIMO is a great server

Honda has created a robot that can use its multi-fingered hands and arms to perform multiple tasks, including opening a drink by the lid and continuing to pour the drink into a cup. ASIMO has object recognition technology based on vision and tactile sensory. Watch the robot pour the liquid without crushing the cup.

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