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Honda's Free Audiobook App

Honda’s Free Audiobook App Delivers Books on the Go

Honda’s free audiobook app, called Honda Road Readers, allows drivers and passengers of Honda vehicles to enjoy a variety of content, from books to newspapers on the go. The smartphone app is available on Apple and Android phones, and also provides free access to an array of children’s books. According to Susie Rossick, assistant vice…

Honda Turbocharged Engines

Honda Turbocharged Engines Coming Soon!

We have good news for all you Honda enthusiasts who have been patiently waiting for turbo power – it’s coming! Japan’s big three – Honda, Nissan, and Toyota – will finally jump onboard the turbocharged engine wagon, joining the party quite a bit later than their competitors (but with good reason). These automakers were able…

2015 Honda CR-V

Predict the Future with New Honda Smart Cruise Control

When driving, it can be difficult to predict other drivers’ actions, especially since crystal balls don’t come standard in vehicles. To help make it easier to see into the future—and to help prevent accidents—Honda has introduced a brand-new cruise control system that is better than any psychic. The new Honda Smart Cruise Control system, which…

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