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2017 Honda Clarity

Beat the Heat: Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

While we might get some extreme winter weather here in Illinois, our summers can be just as intense. If you can’t bear the heat of your car when you climb in—especially on a hot afternoon—consider the following tips to keep your car cool this summer. Park strategically. If you have a garage or carport at…

Tips for Winter Driving

Tips for Winter Driving: Staying Safe in Cold Weather

Many people love winter, especially because of the scenic snowy landscapes and the holidays. However, winter driving can be all the more dangerous for these same reasons. Snow and ice limit your control behind the wheel, and traffic is often worse during the winter season. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips for…

Take your Christmas tree home

How to Get Your Christmas Tree Home Problem-Free

Thanksgiving has come and gone, which means it’s time to gear up for the most wonderful time of the year—Christmas. This holiday is the perfect excuse to go all-out with decorations, including picking the perfect tree for your home. Once you’ve gone to the Christmas tree farm and chosen the right tree, though, the real…

Exchange Club of Naperville Ribfest

The Exchange Club of Naperville Ribfest: Fun for the Whole Family

The Naperville Ribfest is put on by the Exchange Club, an organization working to eliminate child abuse and domestic violence since 1987. With donations from more than 50 charities, the Exchange Club has raised more than $14 million through Ribfest over the years. According to the official website, the Exchange Club of Naperville Ribfest starts…

2016 Driving Resolutions

New Year’s Driving Resolutions You Can Keep

This year, make a resolution you can keep and resolve to be a better driver. By committing to a few safe-driving practices and kicking bad habits to the curb, we can all help make the road a safer place. Here is our list of driving resolutions that you can actually keep. Don’t text and drive….

Gumby & Pokey Honda Throwback Toy Tunes

Help Give Back with Honda Throwback Toy Tunes

The holidays are a time for toys, singing carols, and giving back. Honda has decided to combine all three of these holiday activities with Honda Throwback Toy Tunes, a series of three videos that feature some of America’s most beloved childhood toys. In these videos, Gumby and Pokey, Skeletor and He-Man, and Jem and G.I….

Fall Car Maintenance Tips

Fall Car Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Car For Winter

When Jack Frost comes knocking on your door every year, he doesn’t just bring snow and ice with him. The winter season is also notoriously hard on your car. Just like you prepare yourself for winter each year, gathering wool mittens and jackets like a squirrel gathers nuts, you should also make sure you are…

Honda’s Best Tailgating Vehicles

While the Honda lineup has many innovative vehicles that all have their all benefits and strengths, there are a few in particular that are perfect for this time of year. We’re not talking about cars that are perfect for the weather or anything like that – we’re talking about Honda’s best tailgating vehicles! No matter…

Fun Fall Activities

The fall season is upon us, and with it comes plenty of fun fall activities! Whether you like to use your recreation time to go out or stay home, spend money or save it, or anything else, there are plenty of fall activities for you to do right here in the Naperville/Aurora area. Check out…

Valley Honda May Customer of the Month!

It’s time for the Customer of the Month drawing again! For May you can enter your name and email address for your chance to win a $250 gift card to Valley Honda! At the end of the month one lucky winner will be chosen at random. Entries will end on 5/31/14 at 11:59 pm. For…

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