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Honda FCV Concept Production

Honda FCV Concept Production Set to Begin Next Year

The moment has finally arrived for Honda lovers everywhere. After a year of waiting, the Japanese carmaker has finally introduced the Honda FCV Concept, a vehicle that utilizes the company’s fuel-cell technology. With its futuristic design and out-of-this-world fuel technology, it’s easy to see why so many people are looking to go green as soon…

Honda FCV Concept Production

Honda FCV Concept Debut Set for 2015 NAIAS

After months of waiting, Honda has finally announced the debut of its most anticipated car yet—the Japanese carmaker’s new fuel cell vehicle concept, or FCV. The Honda FCV Concept debut will occur on January 12th at the 2015 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), showing the world how much Honda’s next fuel-cell design has evolved….

Honda Considering Power Exporter Concept for Fuel Cell Vehicle

Honda isn’t just striving to help the environment with its first fuel cell vehicle—it also wants to help make life more convenient for you. The Japanese carmaker recently announced the creation of a Power Exporter Concept, which can harness the energy from the hydrogen-fueled vehicle and power other devices. This Power Exporter Concept connects to…

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