Parking Tips and Tricks

Parking Tips and Tricks


Parking your car can be a hassle, to say the least. Crowded parking lots and narrow parking garages can be a challenge to navigate, while parallel parking is an entirely different animal with its own set of obstacles. Follow these parking tips and tricks to be a better (and more efficient) parker.

Parking Tips and Tricks Move slow. Nobody ever won an award for being the quickest parker. Take your time when pulling in and backing out for greater control.

Turn fast. You might be moving slow, but you’ll need to turn that wheel quickly to get your vehicle into the correct position (for example, parallel parking).

Be vigilant. Parking lots can be packed with other cars, bikes, and pedestrians. Look around your vehicle often to ensure someone hasn’t moved into an area you are about to maneuver into (or out of).

Follow the rules. What’s worse than someone who parked in two parking spaces? Or someone parked in a ‘no parking zone’? Make sure to heed the posted signs, and don’t forget to pay the meter!

Practice makes perfect. If you find that you’re a terrible parallel parker, spend some time practicing. You’ll be surprised at how much more confident you feel and how much faster you can get parked.

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Here at Valley Honda, we hope that next time you find yourself in a stressful parking scenario, you’ll keep these parking tips in mind!