Car Washing Tips

Car Washing Tips for an Affordable, Thorough Clean

Getting your car washed can be expensive, but cleaning your car by yourself can be difficult as well. Here are car washing tips to keep your car sparkly clean without breaking your budget:

  • There are lots of common household products that work splendidly to wash cars; hair conditioner brings out shine and window cleaner will work wonders. Or make your own cleaning products, with chemical-free homemade solutions!
  • Hand-washing your car with a simple carwash solution and sponge is the easy, cheap, and won’t damage the paint, unlike harsh scrubbers and dishwashing detergent.
  • On the inside, an air compressor and a thick-bristled brush will get out plenty of cakey dirt and mud.
  • After you’re done rinsing off the car, hand-dry it too. When water dries naturally it is more likely to leave unattractive marks.
  • Enlist your family and friends to help! Nothing else could make the job go faster and be more fun.

Do you have any other car washing ideas? Let us know in the comments.