2015 Honda CR-V

Predict the Future with New Honda Smart Cruise Control

2015 Honda CR-V

The European-market CR-V will feature Honda Smart Cruise Control at the Executive trim level.

When driving, it can be difficult to predict other drivers’ actions, especially since crystal balls don’t come standard in vehicles. To help make it easier to see into the future—and to help prevent accidents—Honda has introduced a brand-new cruise control system that is better than any psychic.

2015 Honda CR-V The new Honda Smart Cruise Control system, which is offered on the Executive trim level of the new European-market CR-V, is a predictive cruise control system that can foresee other drivers’ actions. Called the Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (i-ACC), the system uses a camera and radar to evaluate the movement of vehicles around you while cruise control is activated. The information gathered is then run through an algorithm to see if another car will move into your lane. If a car does move into your lane, the CR-V brakes itself softly, illuminating to let the driver know that a car is entering his or her lane.

Honda has already said that the U.S. market won’t be seeing this type of technology at least for another few years, unfortunately. Until then, make sure you stop in to Valley Honda to see what other types of great driver assistant technology our vehicles have to offer!