2015 Honda Fit

Honda Division Collects New Annual Auto Sales Record


2015 Honda Accord

The Accord’s 5.9% annual sales increased contributed to Honda’s new annual auto sales record.


It looks like Honda couldn’t help but reset history in 2014. The Japanese company recently announced that the Honda Division has set a new annual auto sales record! To end 2014, the division sold a total 1,373,029 vehicles, a number that goes along with an overall company increase of 1 percent after Honda Motor Co., Inc. sold a total of 1,540,872 vehicles.

2015 Honda Fit“Despite the price of gasoline dropping well below $3 a gallon in many markets, Honda’s strong, balanced lineup of cars and trucks helped us achieve record sales in 2014,” said Jeff Conrad, Honda division senior vice president and general manager. “The great news is that we will build on this momentum with some great new products coming in 2015.”

The Honda brand was able to reach record-breaking numbers thanks to the award-winning Accord and brand-new Fit. December alone saw a 39.7 percent increase in sales for the Fit, while the Accord saw an annual increase of 5.9 percent. The Honda CR-V also saw a rise of 12.6 percent in sales compared to 2013.

This sales momentum is expected to continue in to the New Year, so make sure you stop in to Valley Honda today and see what the buzz is all about!