Honda Green Dealer Guide

Honda Green Dealer Guide Helps Dealerships Reduce Energy Usage

Honda Green Dealer Guide

Honda takes eco-friendliness seriously!

Honda is known for providing the car industry with some terrifically fuel-efficient cars. Now, the Japanese car dealer is taking the idea of going green beyond just creating eco-friendly machines by introducing the brand-new Honda Green Dealer Guide. This guide is a comprehensive 93-page roadmap to help guide all car dealers to become more fuel efficient than ever before.

“In researching existing green building programs, we found there was nothing ideally suited to the unique operational needs of auto dealerships, especially existing dealer facilities,” said Steven Center, Vice President of Honda’s Environmental Business Development Office. “We decided to create a roadmap that any dealer can use to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and cut overhead costs. The bottom line is that green business is good business, and this guide gives dealers the tools they need to become more efficient and profitable at the same time.”

Through a combination of the company’s Environmental Leadership Program and the carmaker’s past experience with going green, the Honda Green Dealer Guide offers the perfect program to help dealerships reduce their energy consumption. While Honda considered using previously used green building programs, because of dealerships’ increasing dependency on light, the company had to create a unique plan. This plan includes installing high-efficiency lighting, motion sensors that turn lights off when they’re not needed, and installing low-flow water fixtures.

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