Honda Considering Power Exporter Concept for Fuel Cell Vehicle

Honda FCV Concept

Honda is creating a Power Exporter Concept to harness energy from fuel cell vehicles to power other devices.

Honda isn’t just striving to help the environment with its first fuel cell vehicle—it also wants to help make life more convenient for you. The Japanese carmaker recently announced the creation of a Power Exporter Concept, which can harness the energy from the hydrogen-fueled vehicle and power other devices.

This Power Exporter Concept connects to the fuel cell vehicle, using its electric motor and hydrogen conversion system to produce AC power. With a maximum output of 9 kilowatts, the Power Exporter will be able a power just about anything. Honda has not confirmed the dimensions of the generator (nor are there many other details about the Power Exporter), but based on the picture, it looks like it would be easily portable.

While the public has to wait until 2016 now for Honda’s first production fuel cell vehicle, the possibility of having such a great gadget to go along with the eco-friendly car softens the length of the wait. For more information about Honda’s fuel cell vehicle—or to check out what other eco-friendly cars Honda has in its lineup—stop in to Valley Honda today!