Fall Car Maintenance Tips

Fall Car Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Car For Winter

When Jack Frost comes knocking on your door every year, he doesn’t just bring snow and ice with him. The winter season is also notoriously hard on your car. Just like you prepare yourself for winter each year, gathering wool mittens and jackets like a squirrel gathers nuts, you should also make sure you are preparing your car for the harsh winter months ahead. Make sure you follow these four important fall car maintenance tips before winter comes and your car should stay in tiptop shape!

Fall Car Maintenance TipsCheck and refill your car’s fluids. There are a few essential fluids that your car needs to run smoothly, such as oil, engine coolant, and windshield wiper fluid. Throughout the fall and winter seasons, make sure you are checking these fluids regularly, topping them off when they appear to be too low. Also, keep track of your car’s oil change schedule. It’s a good idea to get an oil change before the cold comes, ensuring your car will start when you need it to, even when it’s cold out.

Inflate your tires regularly. Cold weather can greatly affect the amount of pressure in your tires, lowering it to sometimes-dangerous levels. Before your tire pressure gets too low and your dashboard warning light comes on, check your tires for the proper PSI. If they are a couple numbers below the suggested PSI, make sure you inflate them properly.

Fall Car Maintenance Tips

Get under the hood of your car to prepare for winter with these fall car maintenance tips.

Make sure your heating system is in working order. No one wants to get stuck in the cold this winter, so make sure you take your car in to a mechanic shop to get the heating system looked at if there is any trouble. If your heating system is in working order, that means you will be able to not only defrost your windows, but thaw out your hands as well!

Clean and wax your car’s exterior. Before rock salt and ice do a number on your car’s exterior this winter, make sure you wash your car, applying a high-grade car wax afterwards. While it doesn’t guarantee your car’s exterior safety, it will protect it as much as possible, helping it look as good as new come spring.

These simple fall car maintenance tips are a sure way to make sure your car makes it through the winter. If you need help servicing your car, make sure you bring it in to Valley Honda – we’d be happy to assist!