Check Out Valley Honda Service Specials & Online Coupons

Routine car maintenance can sometimes be a drain, not only on your free time, but also on your wallet. When you see your money quickly disappearing every time you go to the shop, it can be hard to want to complete the maintenance your car needs. To ensure that your car stays in working order, Valley Honda has decided to offer a number of great service specials and online coupons to make sure you keep some money in your wallet. Keep reading for a few examples of Valley Honda Service Specials!

Valley Honda Service Specials & CouponsIf all you need is a routine oil and filter change, all it will cost you is $32.50 (plus tax). This includes replacement oil, a genuine Honda filter, a multi-point Honda inspection, a battery test, and even a free car wash! For those needing an alignment on your wheels, Valley Honda can do that for you with ease for $99.95 (plus tax). Our Honda mechanics will inspect the caster, camber, and toe-in, while also checking out the wheels and tires for irregular wear. Then, we get down and dirty by inspecting the suspension, steering linkage, and steering rack. Finally, we complete this special with a road test to ensure your car is in top working condition!

We have plenty of specials to offer you at our dealership, so make sure you take advantage of and print out Valley Honda service specials and online coupons. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!