Valley Honda Obtains Fifth Straight President’s Award

Valley Honda, the Midwest’s top volume retail Honda dealer overall, has been honored with its fifth straight President’s Award for Excellence. This outstanding achievement was received at a luncheon by Honda executives.

Bob Navarre, who owns Valley Honda, gave some touching words about his Honda team. “Words can’t adequately describe how I feel about each and every person here. They work tirelessly to make what we have here work so well.”

Bob was asked what it was that made Valley Honda such a successful dealership, “That’s just it. It’s not one single thing. It’s a collection of parts all moving at peak efficiency that makes this machine move so efficient. It’s an exciting time to be Valley Honda, aside from the recognition, we’re gearing up for the summer selling season, which is always a thrilling sales stretch.”

Citing examples of excellent customer care in every aspect of the dealership, from the sales floor to the financing department, the porters to the service department, Navarre realizes that when it comes to providing each and every customer with the ultimate buying experience, nobody does it better than Valley Honda.

And apparently, his customers agree, as they continue to heap accolades upon Valley Honda, whenever they have the opportunity to voice their opinions and share their experiences.

In addition to being a multiple-year President’s Award recipient, Valley Honda is also in the Top 25 Honda Dealers in the entire nation.

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