Experience the open road from a '75 Honda CB750

’75 Honda CB750

Have you ever seen the most beautiful person walk by and you just cannot stop looking?  You proceed to watch them every day until you work up the nerve to finally go and talk to them.  Jay Leno had a very similar experience with a custom ’75 Honda CB750.  After watching for days, Jay Leno invited Adam Gaspic from Gasser Custom, the owner and builder of the ’75 Honda CB750 onto his show Jay Leno’s Garage.

Experience the open road from a '75 Honda CB750

Experience the open road from a ’75 Honda CB750

In the interview with Gaspic, Jay Leno is finally able to learn everything he wanted about the ’75 Honda CB750…Jay Leno had a perfect first date!  But who couldn’t have a perfect date with this customized Honda motorcycle.  Gaspic wanted the motorcycle to resemble the ‘50s hot rods, so he added a satin, metallic fuel tank, a low and long body, and white-wall tires.  The frame is a ’75, but the front and rear suspension is from an ’80.

This combination of great looks is capped off with great safety features.  Gaspic always puts up to date safety features on any motorcycle he works on.  His ’75 Honda CB750 is no exception. Gaspic added mirrors, turn signals, and a visible license plate, among others.

Jay Leno could not stop talking about the incredible bike as he took the ’75 Honda CB750 on a test drive.  He was floored by the smooth ride, the comfort, and the great sound that you can only get with a Honda!

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