Honda Super Cub Scooter awarded 3D trademark

Three-dimensional (3D) trademarks are tough to nail down, but recently Japan awarded this product distinction to the Honda Super Cub.  The Honda Super Cub scooter was released in 1958, and has flourished over the past 50 plus years as the world’s largest selling vehicle.

A 3D trademark was introduced in 1997 to encompass all products that were not paper based that deserved to be trademarked.  To earn a 3D trademark the product has to establish distinctiveness.  Not only is the Honda Super Cub scooter one of the first industrial products to achieve a 3D trademark, it is also the first vehicle.

Honda has sold more than 60 million Super Cubs over the past 50 years earning its mark of distinction.  The Honda Super Cub is a underbone motorcycle that runs on a four stroke single cylinder engine delivering excellent fuel economy and low emissions. It has been environmentally friendly for more than 50 years!

The Honda Super Cub is accompanied by a wide range of impressive Honda models.  Celebrate the long legacy of Honda by test driving a Honda today at Valley Honda.