HondaJet: The First Honda in Flight


Usually all of the Hondas that you see at the O’Hare airport or the Aurora Municipal Airport are sitting in the parking lot.  The first ever HondaJet is getting ready to take flight this summer.

The HondaJet is Honda’s first private jet and will be sporting a GE Honda HF120 Jet Engine. With over 1,000 employees working on the jet, we here at Valley Honda know that they are going to make sure it’s right the first time; just like they do their cars.

While one HondaJet will come off production this summer, nine more are already on the assembly line.  When this HondaJet rolls off the assembly line, it will be sporting green with a gold stripe.  The other colors available for the HondaJets are yellow, red, silver, and blue.

Before any of the HondaJets will be ready for customer use, Honda is being very stringent to ensure that they receive all of the necessary Federal Aviation Administration Type Certification.  The certification is projected to be received by the second quarter of 2015.

Soon we will all be looking up in the sky saying ‘It’s a bird! It’s a man! It’s a HondaJet!’