Honda’s UNI-CUB Finally Unveiled

The new UNI-CUB single-seat, unveiled on May 15 to the public, might look a little like “a vacuum cleaner with a bicycle saddle” but it is unlike any electric vehicle around. Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation will be the test spot to determine if they can be sold on a commercial basis. Before we know it these UNI-CUBs will be showing up in places like museums and airports all over the global. Due to its light transportation, the UNI-Cub will very well change the way we travel. Trying to get through a crowded airport to a gate will be less stressful for everyone.

Compared to the Segway, which will be the most likely candidate for their biggest competition, the UNI-CUB will be able to have full access to their hands and is easy for feet to reach the ground. This product is also less bulky than its competitor which will allow easier transportation through crowds. The UNI-CUB is also able to move freely in any direction as well as control their speed. It is all controlled by a simple shift of the rider’s weight.

Honda is also recognized for the ASIMO humanoid robot. Honda has continuously improved ASIMO over the past twelve years. He is now more human-friendly and smoother and will eventually help benefit people in their daily lives.

This new invention could possibly change the way we travel as well as make out entertainment purposes more enjoyable.