Honda H2O Brand Bottled Water



Would you drink water that was emitted by a car? Maybe not a regular car, but you could from a Honda FCX Clarity! The Honda FCX Clarity is a hydrogen-powered vehicle. The hydrogen fuel cell car emits nothing but water vapor and it is actually safe for you to drink! To promote this and the FCX Clarity, the Honda H2O brand bottled water has been created.

As a part of the clever campaign, Honda placed several of the Honda H2O Brand Bottled Water in cinemas for a more hands-on experience. But, Honda says, “if you’re holding a bottle of our specially produced H2O water in your hand right now, you’ve been drinking plain old spring water. If you want to taste the real thing, you’ll have to travel to California, Japan or the UK where the FCX is currently available.” Even though, it wasn’t really water from the Honda FCX Clarity in the Honda H2O Brand Bottled Water, it is still really cool and still gets the message across.

Watch the video below of the Honda H2O Brand Bottled Water and let us here at Valley Honda know what you think! We are thinking it sounds too good to be true, but good thing it’s not!