KBB.com’s 10 Best Green Cars of 2014!

Best Green Cars

Green is the new black! We are definitely seeing more and more green cars and environmentally friendly features and green conscious buyers! With that being said, KBB.com releases their Best Green Cars list every year for those to see which one is the best one for them! For 2014, the Honda Accord Hybrid and Civic Natural Gas were both named to the list!

“For customers looking to purchase vehicles that have low CO2 emissions, Honda has two great options on KBB.com’s list—the fun-to-drive, fuel efficient Accord Hybrid and the Civic Natural Gas powered without a drop of gasoline,” said Steven Center, vice president of the Environmental Business Development Office at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “This recognition from Kelley Blue Book validates the efforts of Honda engineers who for decades have continued to work towards our goal to leave ‘Blue Skies for our Children.'”

The Honda Accord Hybrid delivers 50 miles per gallon EPA city fuel economy rating as well as combining electric-only, hybrid and engine drive modes. It also includes powerful regenerative braking. The Honda Civic Natural Gas has a combined EPA fuel economy of 31 mpg and is powered 100% by natural gas.

Looking for one of the 10 Best Green Card of 2014? We here at Valley Honda can help you find one perfect for you! As Honda says “leave Blue Skies for our Children”!