Easter Bunnies, Eggs and Candies!

Easter Bunnies, Eggs and Candies

There are plenty of traditions for the holidays, but one of our favorites here at Valley Honda are the Easter traditions. Easter bunnies, eggs and candies, plus many other reasons make for a very good holiday with our friends and family!

The tradition of Easter Bunnies, Eggs and Candies came about in a way you might not have realized. The Easter Bunny, according to some, first arrived in America in the 1700s with German Immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania and transported their tradition of an egg-laying hare! The children made nests in which the creature could lay its colored eggs. Eventually this turned into Easter baskets and egg-coloring (and carrots for the bunny, of course)!

You may have participated in egg rolling and Easter egg hunts in your childhood, but did you know that decorating the eggs actually dates back to the 13th century and that there is an Easter Egg Roll at the White House every Monday after Easter? The first White House egg roll occurred in 1878.

Easter Bunnies, Eggs and Candies! Last, but not least, the most popular Easter candies are the chocolate eggs, jelly beans and marshmallow peeps! We love all three, but which one is your favorite?

Do you have your own Easter traditions? Share them below!