2015 Honda Fit Kit- April Fool’s

We here at Valley Honda love a great April Fool’s Joke and Honda has really done something else with it. The opportunities are endless when it comes to April 1st and some of the best ones come from big companies like Honda. When we first glanced at the article, we almost fell for it and then we watched the video (see below).

The 2015 Honda Fit Kit allows you to build your own version of the Honda Fit, cool right? It may sound pretty cool until you realize there are 180,000 mechanical parts in the kit, some even delivered by a drone.

They pull it off with a press release for the 2015 Honda Fit Kit, which also states they are the first to offer a complete do-it-yourself kit that would be available on April 14th as well as this quote:

“We read comments every day on enthusiast forums suggesting they could build a better car themselves, so we decided to take it a step further and let people actually build one,” said Kuruma Tsukuru, global manager of the new at-home assembly project for American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Young people around the world are making their own handmade belts, coasters and tie racks, why not their own Fit? The next generation is ripe for this personalized and cost-saving option.”

Honda tells you the skills it requires as well as releasing a pretty convincing video to go along with it:


Did Honda pull one over on you for April Fool’s? Or did you pull one over on someone else?