Honda Returning to Formula One Racing

Formula One RacingWhen you think about world-class competitive racing, aerodynamic cars and high speeds come to mind, but usually not fuel efficiency. However, Honda is aiming to change that with its return to Formula One racing.

Honda has been absent from the F-1 circuit for the past seven seasons. Now, they are set on building more efficient cars, and of course, on winning more races.

“There’s no point in racing unless you win,” said Yashuhisa Arai, Chief Officer of Honda Motorsports at an F-1 event at the Suzuka Circuit. “That’s why we teamed up with a winning team,” that team being McLaren.

Honda will start supplying engines to McLaren in 2015. Honda had a previously successful partnership with McLaren. In the late 1980s, the McLaren-Honda cars dominated the tracks in F-1 racing.

As for building more efficient cars, Honda wants to find a way to turn the mostly wasted exhaust gas into energy. The company is considering an “exhaust-energy recovery” technology that would use the exhaust gas to turn a turbine that would then generate electricity for an onboard battery.

Here at Valley Honda, we hope Honda’s partnership with McLaren lets them return to championship podium.