7 Tips for Spring Car Maintenance

Spring Car MaintenanceIt’s been a cold, long, cold, hard, cold winter that was pretty darn cold, but wait—is that spring hanging out around the corner? (If it’s just winter incognito, someone’s going to have to teach him a lesson.) With the warmer air, incessant rain, and varying road conditions of spring, it’s important to perform some basic spring car maintenance sometime this month to prepare. We at Valley Honda have compiled a list of seven tips and tricks for spring car maintenance.

  1. Update your Emergency Kit: The News Wheel has a good list of what to keep in your car, but different seasons call for different items. It’s pretty windy in Chicago, so keeping the coats and gloves in your trunk from winter could be helpful, but we actually recommend that you switch them out for something lighter, yet still protective from the wind and rain. In addition, if you were keeping an emergency bowl for collecting snow for water, you might want to switch it out for water bottles, now that you don’t have to worry about the water freezing.
  2. Check all Lights: Now is a good time to reassess what bulbs might have burnt out during winter. Be sure to remember headlamps, tail lamps, turn signals, hazards, and any lights inside the car.
  3. Change your Oil and Rotate your Tires: If it’s getting close to the 3-5,000 mile marker (depending on your make, model, and year), you’ll want to change your oil and rotate your tires, or bring your car in to Valley Honda for our skilled technicians to take care of this for you. While you’re rotating your tires, ensure that they are properly inflated and that the tread is not too worn down. Don’t forget the spare!
  4. Look under the Hood: In addition to your oil, you’ll want to check out things such as your battery, other fluid levels, engine belts, hoses, the fuel filter, and the air filter. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, we suggest bringing your car in so we can take a look for you—and show you what to look out for the next time around!
  5. Check your Brakes: Make sure your brake pads aren’t worn too thin. If it’s time to replace them, replace them. Don’t wait around, as this can be very dangerous.
  6. Replace your Wiper Blades: It’s springtime in Chicago, so be prepared for some rain. If you didn’t replace your windshield wiper blades before the winter, or if they’re starting to leave streaks, you’ll want to replace them before the rain starts pouring.
  7. Test Out the AC: Hopefully the spring will usher in some heat, so you’ll want to make sure the air conditioner is in proper running order before the blazing sun beats down.

Have any other spring car maintenance tips? Share them in the comments below!