Honda Civic Type R Concept Wowing Geneva

When you think of a Honda Civic, you undoubtedly think of words like ‘family-friendly’, ‘sturdy’, ‘reliable’, and, of course, ‘value’. But you certainly don’t think of words like ‘futuristic’ and ‘sports car’ -until now. Introducing the Honda Civic Type R Concept car, currently on display at the Geneva Motor Show. It is a low-riding prototype of a future performance-based sports car ready to rule the roads in Europe and the U.K.

Europe and the U.K? What about the U.S., you say? Well, that’s the great tragedy. The Type R Concept is built off a specific Civic only available—well, available basically everywhere but the States. But just take one look at this thing—you’ll be driving to see us at Valley Honda, begging to sign a petition to bring this baby to the States as soon as possible.

This isn’t your grandmother’s Civic. It’s got a beautifully slick, curvaceously sloping grille in front and a simply wicked rear spoiler on the back end. Under the hood, it’s got a 280-horsepower engine, ensuring that you’ll be whipping past people in a flash when you’re behind the wheel of this machine—but only if you’re in Europe or the U.K., of course.