Honda Unveiled the 2015 Fit in Spectacular Fashion

The 2015 Honda Fit has finally been unveiled and man, oh man, it was a great show. Honda needed two conveyor belts, three days of rehearsals, five actors, and giant video screens to roll out an incredible debut for the compact hatchback.

To showcase how versatile the Honda Fit can be, the put the Fit up on a platform and with a large video screen behind it. The Fit then travelled across the beach, through the desert, took a stroll through the park, and even cruised the city streets—all without really moving at all. Actors played along with the Fit and went surfing, played some golf, did some yoga, and even rocked out.

“We wanted to unveil the all-new 2015 Honda Fit in a way that tells the story of the car: youthful, innovative, exciting and fun-to-drive with incredible packaging,” says Honda spokeswoman Robyn Eagles.

The new Fit will be faster, more efficient, more refined, and more spacious than its predecessors. Production is expected to begin next month in Mexico.