Honda’s Walking Assist Device Leased in Japan

Honda is committed to mobility in every way, whether it’s racing, driving or anything else. This desire to enhance mobility even extends to traveling on foot, which is why Honda has been working to create the Walking Assist Device since 1999. These devices are designed to help with walking physical therapy and rehabilitation, and have recently started being leased to hospitals in Japan.

The Walking Assist Device features hip angle sensors that signal a control computer to activate a motor that helps improve the symmetry and timing of leg movement when walking. A total of 100 units have been distributed to 50 different Japan hospitals in order to gain more feedback from users on how to further improve the devices.

As a dealership that is passionate about Honda’s foundational spirit of “utilizing technology to help people,” Valley Honda near Naperville, IL, is very excited about this development for the Walking Assist Device! Call or visit us for more information on Honda news and events.

Key specifications of the Walking Assist Device

Size of hip frame M-size (hip width: 340 mm) L-size (hip width: 380 mm)


Less than 2.6 kg (including battery)

Operating time per charge

More than 60 minutes


Lithium-ion battery, 22.2V-1Ah

Use environment

Indoor or outdoor (except in rain) flat surfaces

Appropriate temperature range for storage

Between -20 C and 55 C (approximately -4 F and 131 F)

Appropriate temperature range for use

Between 0 C and 30 C (approximately 32 F and 86 F)

Appropriate humidity range for use

Between 30% and 85%