Spring into Action with National Car Care Month

April is a month with many claims to fame including April Fool’s Day, Easter (some years), Opening Day, Tax Day, and National Car Care Month. You might have done a double-take on that last one, but you read correctly. April is, in fact, National Car Care Month! With the weather warming up and your tax refund clamoring to be spent, what better time is there to make sure your vehicle is prime condition? To help you get started, we at Valley Honda want to offer some tips on what to look for in an auto repair shop.

First of all, scope out the repair locations in your area. It’s better to do this now, before you need a repair, than when you’re stressed and in a hurry after your car breaks down. Check out websites to see what you can learn about the various locations. Next, ask your family and friends for recommendations. People are usually more than willing to share their experiences, both good and bad, about their latest service or repair. We also recommend calling the Better Business Bureau to check out the shop’s reputation.

Although there’s a lot more you can do to research repair locations in your area, the steps above are a great place to start. It can also be a good idea to test out a dealership with something small, like a run-of-the-mill service check, to see what you think before committing to a more costly repair down the road.

We at Valley Honda hope you enjoy National Car Care month—and everything else that April brings.

Car Care Month