What is Driving Up Honda’s Sales?

We are all hoping to start off the New Year with one foot forward. We are planning to ensure the best results for the year. Honda is doing just that, by starting off the New Year with a large sales gain compared to last years’ sales. Honda’s US sales have increased 12.8 percent compared with last January. Honda’s brand Acura is also experiences sales gains by 13.2 percent compared with last January.

Some of the main players prompting the increase of sales include:

• 2013 Honda Accord: sales up 75%
• 2013 Honda Crosstour: sales up 38.2%
• 2013 Honda Pilot: sales up 16.3%
• 2013 Acura RDX: Sales up 181.6%
• 2013 Acura ILX: January’s top selling sedan

Many of these vehicles have received top safety ratings, undergone updates for even more versatility, style and comfort, improved fuel efficiency and more to see these sales increases. John Mendel, the Vice President of sales at American Honda, connotes this by saying, “With our strongest vehicle lineup ever and continued sales momentum, we’re optimistic 2013 will be a great year for the Honda brand.”

There is a reason Honda and Acura vehicles have been selling wild. These vehicles are reliable, affordable and versatile. For more information about Honda vehicles, please visit Valley Honda in Naperville, Illinois, or http://www.valleyhonda.com/ .