Is Your Child Texting and Driving — Here’s Ten Tips to help stop it

1- Lead by example
Your teenager watches every move you make, so don’t think they aren’t seeing their parents text. Show them how a parent uses restraint so the child mimics.

2- Parents make the rules
The parent is the rule maker, make consequences and enforce.

3- Ride with your child and watch them
Watch them and mildly correct bad habits.

4- It’s not okay while stopped either
Unsafe behavior and illegal use of their phone doesn’t stop at a stop sign.

5- Show them an accident aftermath video of what happens when texting and driving
Scare tactics work too, show them scary scenes that have happened to visually integrate.

6- Get an app for that
The create smartphone applications now to monitor behaviors, look into that.

7- Make them leave their phone in an unreachable area
If the phone is in the trunk, the distraction has been eliminated.

8- Speak to them about feelings on death coming to them via texting while driving
Straight and to the point.

9- Say “is that text worth death?”
Once again, straight and to the point, no text is worth risking their life.

10- Punish via no driving privileges for rule breaking
This will get their attention.