Get Your Car Unstuck in the Snow

How to Get Your Car Unstuck in the Snow

If you’ve ever gotten your car stuck in snow, you know how difficult it can be to maneuver your way out, thanks to slick ice and packed snow. Add that to the panic you may begin to feel, and you could find yourself fighting an uphill battle – possibly even making the situation worse. Next time you find yourself stuck in the snow, follow these simple tips to get out safely and quickly.

  1. Get Your Car Unstuck in the SnowStay calm. You might be running late, have cranky kids in the car, or are far from home, but don’t panic. You’ll be better-equipped to work through the situation if you make it a point to stay calm and level-headed.
  2. Take your time. Take a moment to assess how your car is stuck. Don’t simply hit the gas over and over, as you could be packing down the snow or turning snow into ice, making it even more difficult to get out.
  3. Dig away excessive snow and ice. This is where it comes in handy to have a shovel, proper winter gear, and salt or gravel in an emergency kit in your trunk. Dig the snow away from the tires, and apply salt or gravel as necessary.
  4. Find something with grip. If you have something in your car that you can lay under the wheels to get more traction, go for it. We recommend pulling out the floor mats and placing them under the wheels if all else fails.
  5. Maneuver in different directions. If pulling forward isn’t working, try moving the steering wheel to gain traction, or reversing.

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