Honda's Free Audiobook App

Honda’s Free Audiobook App Delivers Books on the Go

Honda's Free Audiobook AppHonda’s free audiobook app, called Honda Road Readers, allows drivers and passengers of Honda vehicles to enjoy a variety of content, from books to newspapers on the go. The smartphone app is available on Apple and Android phones, and also provides free access to an array of children’s books.

According to Susie Rossick, assistant vice president, Honda/Acura Regional Media and Marketing at American Honda Motor Co., Inc., the app is designed to provide “an educational and entertaining alternative to the usual car ride and inspire young listeners to vividly imagine.”

According to Honda’s research, the average American family spends about 4 hours per week in the car, and 77% of parents with one or more children ages 5 to 16 say that listening to audiobooks or stories read aloud is important for children’s cognitive development and developing listening skills. Additionally, 69% of parents were concerned that their kids were spending too much time in front of technology.

Honda owners can gain access to the free audiobooks by inputting the 17-character vehicle identification number (VIN) for their car into the app. The app offers five free children’s books per year, with the first one being the classic, “Peter Pan,” and another four of the Honda owner’s choice.

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